Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fighting Boredom with Paper

To get Lena excited for Christmas and our big trip to Disney World we made a countdown chain.

Inside each link it says something like "Call someone special and sing We Wish You A Merry Christmas," "Make christmas cookies," "Drink some hot chocolate," and so on and so forth.

The first true day of snow, like today, always seems like a good day to stay indoors.

We're bored.
Warm, but bored.


Rebekah V. said...

It is days like today that I wish extra hard that we could live next door to eachother. Very cold here too. california shmalifornia. very bored here too. Oh platty. let's hang some curtains.

Nisha said...

Kick the boredom with some beans. Buy some cheap funnels at wal-mart if you don't already have some in your kitchen. Sophie could spend hours playing with beans, funnels, and pitchers.

kelly said...

good idea says i

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