Wednesday, December 09, 2009

20 Down 20 To Go

Signs I am truly half-way through this pregnancy:

-love handles firmly in place, along with a solid 10 pound gain

-rounded cheeks (up top and on "bottom" if you will)

-a full surrender to a maternity clothes take-over

-heartburn/headaches making themselves at home

-restless mind filled with before-baby-gets-here-projects (holy moly there are a lot)

-ultrasound appointment set (we've/I've decided to keep this baby's gender a mystery. how annoyingly fun of me, I know;)

-happily obeying baby's instructions to eat everything sweet and/or baked in range.

...but the best part of the middle is finally feeling good and productive (that is, unless I'm napping in the middle of the day)


Rebekah V. said...

hey it looks like me after a good meal. love the sweater and your bottom half.

The Fawson Family said...

I will you give and all your followers this precious info. 801-696-7723. He needs more friends anyways. You look gorg by the way in all your preggo light!

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