Monday, December 07, 2009

The Weekend Usuals

normal, lena-like stuff

Our weekend included cool things like Rock Band Parties into the late night and losing each other in Target. We got separated and I was without my cell phone as usuge. So Lena and I made the best of a situation and tried on things like cobalt blue flats, sweater leggings and headbands. It felt like we were there for 3 hours wandering around. Which was fine by me, but don't tell the Esq. He doesn't share my same passion for Target.
It also included a trip to BJs (where we bought and the Vaisey children ate an entire giant bag of beef jerky) and then remembering mid cart-stuff that we had the ward Christmas party to attend in 10 minutes. So then after mingling, room temperature ham, and homemade goodies we retreated to our digs, threw the children in their beds and watched Four Christmases. Really stupid movie.

For an extra special Sunday, I don't think I even set foot in the nursery room.

And with the white beaut of a car in the salon, today I find myself without transportation and ready to tackle the laundry pile that grew immensely over the past few days. What? You do housework on the weekends and don't spend 3 hours each Monday morning recovering from the two-day destruction?
If you need me, I'll be folding and picking jerky out of Simon's teeth all day.


Rebekah V. said...

picking jerky AND peetsy. Now I am wishing Zuzu would have liked that dress. It looks good on the lean pocket.

Anna said...

Love those faces she's making. So her. said...

Who is dressing this girl????? She is adorable - even on crazy dress day.

Amanda said...

Is your preschool already doing "crazy dress up day" or something? These are photos that are going to be perfect for when she grows up and has a slide show of her life... oh wait, that's pretty much every picture you take of Lena.

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