Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Lot of Lettuce and A Surplus of Treats

In addition to our garden this year, we decided to jump on the CSA bandwagon and split a weekly farm share with our friends, the Holmes. 

So, now thanks to the good people at Porter Farms, we receive fresh ground-plucked (and organic mind you), locally grown, veggies. And will continue to through the end of November. Ten whopping pounds between our families. Splendid! Wouldn't you say? In the meantime I have an array if lettuce busting out of the fridge. We can't seem to eat it fast enough. Good thing we likes us some salad. 

After treating myself to to one too many sweet treats in Indiana (traveling, treats and I go way back) this past weekend, in a desperate attempt to save my screamin' bod, I swore off treaties of any sort. Until I saw a lonely and fat zucchini sitting pretty in my refrigerator upon my return home. So naturally, as to not let go to waste (the Porters would not approve of such waste) I made sugar infested whole wheat zucchini bread topped with an oatmeal crumbling. DEE LISH. 

A well made exception, I think.

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