Thursday, July 09, 2009

A Good Start And An Even Better Finish

Very early this morning (like pre sun early) Simon started squawking. So I drug my groggy self out of bed (man, i stay up waaay too late), picked him up out of his crib and set him in Lena's bed, next to me. 

Musical beds happened last night and Lena ended up in ours. I'm never sure how all that goes down, but go down it does.
As I lay next to his sweet sleepy body his eyes were closed tight and he looked happy in dreamland. Then he started to belly laugh-in his sleep. Like really really laugh. It was the most darling thing I have ever seen. I fell asleep with him there, then we woke up an hour or so later, went downstairs, had our Cheerios with a side of whole wheat toast, and watched his borderline send-him-to-rehab-addiction of Cars together until Lena woke up at....9:30! 

I think today is going to be a good day.

To top it off, it's a beaut out there! So, if you need us, don't come over-our homestead will be in a constant state of pig-stye, and I promise you won't like it, but what you will like is to join us poolside, because that's where we will gleefully be spending the day. 

The whole day. 

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Corinne said...

Your posts always seem to make me smile. Thanks Kelly.

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