Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer's Bounty Fresh From The Patch

Once upon a mid-week evening we went a-strawberry-pickin'. 

Jeff met us and by us I mean me, Juje, and the children there in his suit pants and tie. It was cute watching him walk across the large open field in his biz attire. Strawberry picking is a no-miss event, and he wasn't about to, well...miss it.

We picked and picked. Lena ate (and ate). Simon ate but mostly squished. Such a Sime thing to do. 

Then the sky opened up and gave us all she had. 

We were soaked to the bone, I tell you what. To the bone! It made the picking all the more dramatic and dreamy. That's where it's at. The pure spontaneity of it all. Bellies, not to mention shirts, full of berries, wet happy babies, running past the tractor with our loot to take cover in the dryness of our car. 

I love those kiddos to death and I love strawberry pickin' in the summer rain.



Beach Hendersons said...

There is one thing about you....You tell the TRUTH.

1. Squishing he did.

2. Soaked to the bone you were.

Wow, what a fantastic time.

Suzy said...

lena looks like she is totally enjoy the flavor of the berries in the one pictures tooo cute they both are.

Carolyn said...

sounds like a dream!

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