Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Very Normal For Us

Late this morning: 

LENA(being extra helpful and fetching me a diape for Sime's current state of reek): Here you go mom!!
LENA: Say thank you!
ME:   Thank you Lena.
LENA: Can I help?
ME:   Sure.
LENA: Can I see?
ME:   Sure?
LENA(leans in niiice and close): Oooo I like his poop! It looks like chocolate! (then she quickly followed with the slurping noise she makes when she is talking about a tasty treat)
SIMON(swatting her in the face with his match-box Lighting McQueen): Maaaaaaaaaaaaa! (which in Simon language translates to MINE)



The Fawson Family said...

I LOVE checking your blog! Always makes me laugh. Lena and Simon have gotten so big. David and I were talking the other day about when you all came to SD. Any of that in the works? How did you get writing on your pictures? I am somewhat blogger challenged.

Beach Hendersons said...

Echo the sentiments. Awesome.

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