Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Jersey Details and None of the Rest

Get yourself ready for a hefty helping of post because this so happens to be one.

The Week We Went To Jersey


Packed bags, 4+ hour car ride, sleeping geedoos, NJ afternoon arrival, black balloons, a surprise, FAMILY!, makeupless faces, cousins, a belated Mother's Day Orchid, a cookout, stuffed bellies, 2 Cold Stone Creamery ice cream cakes, 50 candles, very stuffed bellies, late night conversing


Up with the sun, gigantic breakfast for 14, NYC day trip for some, lounging for others, lawn mower rides, bare feet, heat, sun, leftovers lunch, cousins, one fat baby, nap time is for more than just kids, Navajo tacos, bath time, cousins in pjs, late night conversing


Gramma Tina up with the sun (and the children, god bless her soul), 9 showered adults, 9 outfits ironed, car pile, professional family pictures along with laughing, crying, candy, bare feet, smiles, frowns, tears and cuteness, waiting, driving, energy drinks, a graduation, pride and applause, hugs, more pictures of the non professional kind, car pile, a local diner, a table for 14 please, ravenous devouring of food, car-to-bed transfers for sleeping children, late night conversing accompanied by homemade Italian cream sodas, talks of large scary bears lurking in the woods, crawling to bed.


Early rise, pick out and pay for pictures, goodbyes to the couple headed alone to the city(not us), window shopping, sun, a matinee, popcorn, antique shops, tacos, worn out children, worn out parents, worn out grandparents, more late night shenanigans, games,


Oh, hello Sun, so nice to see you again, homeward bound, kisses, hugs, loaded car, light drizzle, 2 unhappy and overly whinny children(aka leen pocket and Simon-the-pie-man), Mexican food, sleepy niƱos, awake, crying, whining, snacking, whining, ice cream, leg cramps, sleeping, outlet mall, what the freakin' heck were we thinking stopping at the outlet mall?, very discounted Brooks Brothers suit pants, driving, 7pm-ish the trusty dusty Explorer pulls up the drive of 105 Bonnie Brae! WHEW!
but really just the beginning because the tasks are piling up here at the ole homestead. That's just how we like it, nice and tasky.

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