Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dinner A La Day-O-Rest

Once upon a Sunday we went to Granny and Gramps house. Just about every Sunday since we moved to Rochester, in fact. Sunday dinner with the Vaiseys is something to look forward to. It means Lena and Simon get to crawl all over Bop Bop and Babajuje. It means Lena gets to climb up on Granny's lap and snuggle while watching a little show or two, not to mention climb the massive tree that stands in their backyard. It means Simon gets to point to all the men in his life and have them perform at his every whim. It also, and more importantly, means I don't have to cook.

So I say, let the Sunday evening backyard frolic commence! And commence it shall! And bring on the post feast ritual of weather permitting walks in the village of Fairport, and believe me, we'll need it because right as rain Gramps never fails at his weekly task of dessert.

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