Monday, May 18, 2009

Breathing Out

Here I sit, on the couch with a computer on my lap, the sound of dishwasher swishings and washing machine beneath the floor boards churning the day's dirty duds. This house smells clean and quiet. Mmmm. The children are tucked in tightly. Lena in her target tee and a dress-up tutu (I have learned to pick my battles) with their fans roaring them off to dreamland. Today was day 6 of 6. The 6th day of Jeff being in Europe. The 6th day of single parenting. The 6th day of survival. But, tonight that all ends as he is expected to come back home to us around 11.

I have missed him so. I, more importantly, have realized how well we run our home when together, the two of us. Taking care of the two of them. I must have had a prayer or two on my side these past couple of days because I have been a machine. I love my family 6 days stronger. I have learned that I want a lot of children. I have learned that when I need to buck up and take the reins, I can and I did and I'm glad for that.

I will share my 6 days of adventures with you soon enough (my camera went on a European vacation as well, so I will do the best I can). They involve some fierce all day picnic table painting, and some roll-up-your-sleeves-heavy-duty-do-it-yourself (with your mother-in-law) landscaping. whew. It's a good thing I got some of that out of my system, because for now I am ready to let the projects stew and let the nightly loungin' with Jeff commence. But before we get back into full swing, we shall first take a little visit to New Jersey where my siblings and mother are waiting our arrival. Lots to celebrate (including my mom's graduation and Jeff's new job!), and a few days to do it in. I will take lots of pictures, don't worry. I know you weren't. Here we go. May continues in full force.

Reunited in one hours time.

And breathe out.

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