Friday, May 15, 2009

What Utah brought and is still bringing

Estrada family 2006 taken from myfamily dot com

Utah brought two things.

First thing: (should really be attached to the tail end of second thing because second thing actually gave birth to first thing...did you catch all that? good.) The sweet savory beginning of a spiritual high.

Second thing: A glimpse into life as an Estrada.
Wowee what a group! And that's a good wowee. I had a ball as a spectator, looking on as they danced their half-Cuban hearts out via the dance party in Ric's honor. I know they will all miss their beloved Ric (who in the heck wouldn't?), but what a way to celebrate a life! And, boy what a life he lived! You can check out his Wikipedia tid bits here but be forewarned, nothing in words can quite captivate the infectious love of life this man possessed, or so I'm told. I joked with Rebekah that because I love her so much and because she is in fact my most dear friend, (bff status) knowing her was basically like living and breathing a daily dose of Ric. They are, after all, very much alike in very many ways. But for the sake of all things serious, meeting such a gem of a man would have been a wonderful thing to say the least. I felt his spirit seeping strong through his children and loved ones. It comes as no surprise upon meeting one of the 9 abundantly talented Estrada children that the stock from which they come is good. Good, beautiful, stock. That's the best kind, I always say. Take a look at his stunning wife, Loretta, for crying out loud. Nothing short of sweetness, that gene pool.

So, although the majority of you don't know Ric or may never get the special privilege of being in the same room with the majority of his kin, I felt a profound need to extend to you my awe inspiring observations of the Estrada people. I am grateful to have been able to be a part of one heck of a going away party. God be with you until we meet again.
Or, for some of us, for the very first time.

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