Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Review

Do you recall talk of some HOT and SUNNY weather that was to grace us on Friday?
Of course you do.

Well, it was hot AND sunny and it did not disappoint.

We met some peeps at the fish hatchery at Powder Mills Park-fun. Watching nervously as both children try and dive in for a swim with the fishes- not fun. Then it was off to the play ground where Simon received two outdoor diaper changes and Lena unsuccessfully attempted the monkey bars after watching a girl twice her age whiz through them. She got frustrated. Then it was time to leave.
For dinner Friday night we had these:

Whole wheat waffles with fresh strawberries and a sprinkle of powdered sugar. And we didn't even serve a vegatable, no sir.

the critics give these waffles a thumbs down?! wait, just kidding- thumbs up!

Then if that wasn't enough, we ate some of this into the wee hours of the night:

it's known around these parts as dessert bread a.k.a Amish Friendship Bread. Every ten days, my friends, every ten days.

On Saturday, we clicked our heels together simultaneously(not really) and went to lunch at a delish Greek restaurant where we dinned on fresh & fat Gyros. After our lamb meat fulfilment it was time for the first outdoor ice cream treat of the season, so naturally we moved on to sit near the canal whilst licking our melting ice cream as fast as we could (really).

Some of us welcomed a billion new freckles. Hello freckles.

Sunday brought church, more nice weather and Sunday dinner at Granny and Gramps. So there you have it. Can't go wrong: nice weather, cute kids, good food, time with your love and, of course, treats.

Monday= restless mind syndrome. SO many projects, so little time. sure to stay tuned because we soon are about to embark on the exciting adventure of buying a new car! That and why to come.

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Amanda said...

Mmmmm....gyros. You've officially made me hungry. I could eat a gyro every day if I had to. And don't worry about blogging about the weather. It's all I seem to do too.

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