Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Summer? Is That You?

A forward: Blog stalling = more talk of this crazy upstate weather

We were beginning to wonder if Spring skipped right over us this year. It was a whoppin' 90 degrees yesterday. Yowie! Rest assured our unexpected walk in the rain this morning and 60 degree temps to go with it reminded us that Spring is just up to its usual trickery. Tricky.

these sweeties grace our mantle and I like them, they put a spring in my step ( I know you got that one)

Also tricky, getting rid of the ants (the gigantic black kind- blech) that have made residence at 105 Bonnie Brae. Lena won't go into the downstairs bathroom. (that's their favorite gathering hot spot) Pesky little buggers.

Now, pardon me, I need to ring out my hair, squash about 15 giant ants, and pick the weeds growing in the yard right before my very eyes. They are growing like...weeds.
*hardy har har*
Geesh, tough crowd.

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