Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Today We went to Target

I carried a sleeping 20 pound shrimp over one shoulder and held onto a sweet little 3 year old hand and in we went.


It had been a while since I had been. A long while, so it feels. After we got situated with our cart, big kid in back little up front, something wonderful permeated the air and we had to have some. Popcorn. We strolled on over. One popcorn, two bags, please. It tasted like the movies. It was the treat that made our Target experience a lovely one. Browsing at all the beautiful yet reasonably priced things, the three of us munched on our salty mid-morning snack.
2 happy snacking kiddos=1 successful trip.

Lena got a few new items: shirt (4.00), skirt (4.00) hair clips (1.79...on sale) Makes me wonder why I even bother to shop anywhere else for these guys.

And oh the hair clips, she reaaally wanted those hair clips. When the heck did that happen? The having to have the stuff, and the new interest in her appearance? Don't think I don't catch her stealing glances at herself in the living room mirror smoothin' her hair.

As we perused the dollar spot, we found these teensies-

mini pot kits to grow our mini sweet basil and oregano. minitastic.

I suppose at the end of the day, it's best I don't frequent Target. Lunch was ruined and money was spent. But, I do like it there, don't you?


k1 said...

Ah, Target. I always come away with something I really don't need, and yet can't live without.

Vanessa said...

Where did you get that awesome wall paper, I must have!!

Kelly Whitmer Vaisey said...

I found the wallpaper at Graham & Brown, i got it online. it makes me happy. i highly suggest at least one room in the home covered in crazy wallpaper.

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