Thursday, April 30, 2009

If You Ask Me If I'd Like Some Amish Friendship Bread

I will kindly reply, no thanks.

When I became a recipient of AFB I gleefully accepted. Lena will have fun squashing the fermenting bag of dough I thought, and we will have fun eating it and passing it along to our friends. Those things, all true.!

not to mention sucked away the last of the milk, sugar AND vanilla. Holy Bazolly! A bread that sucks my ingredients like that is no friend of mine.

The moral of the story is not to turn down Amish Friendship Bread when it comes your way, but rather to take it, do your part, enjoy its sugary goodness, then call it a day.

Let's review:

take some, squash some, eat some and pass some

DON'T keep two starters because you were too lazy to get rid of it when you had the chance. You and your kitchen supplies will be sorry.

amanda, come clean my kitchen. I know this mess is making you dry heave


Amanda said...

Are you referring to me? Because I do think I just threw up a little in my mouth. Just kidding. It's useless trying to clean or organize a kitchen with a baby around. Ethan was all up in the pantry while I was trying to organize yesterday and got into the honey. No botulism for that little dude. I had to swipe it so quick!

Hoesli's said...

I thought your kitchen ALWAYS looked like that?? should have sent some of that bread goodness our way. Ummmm I can smell it!

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