Saturday, October 04, 2008

A Trip To Virginia

I don't think our trip down to Virginia was for any reason in particular. We needed to get out of town and fast. We get a little bout of the crazies every now and then and usually a trip for no good reason other than fighting off the crazies is just the cure.
Burkey Boop and Lowen as Lena so named them, (aka Burke and Lauren) had literally just moved to Buena Vista days prior to our barge in. Also, Jordan moved to Roanoke earlier in the year and bought himself a sweet pad, so we ever so politely imposed, and he didn't mind one bit, bless his heart.
We spent some time with the three of them when they weren't working, but mostly we decided to stick to an unplanned agenda. It eventually led us to visiting all that Natural Bridge has to offer. We checked out the bridge and went for a mother of a nature hike. No, not a mother nature hike, a mother of a hike! I probably burned 1000 calories, which is always handy dandy for the postpartum bod.
We even hit up the safari zoo. I must say, it was pretty impressive. I almost peed myself from laughing while we all piled in the back of Jordan's truck for the safari zoo. Having all the animals eat from our buckets of feed, with nothing stopping them from chewing our faces off was very walk-on-the-wild-side. Simon was strapped to my chest in the Baby Bjorn and surprisingly not one single ostrich tried to peck him to death. Lena was in animal kingdom heaven. She would have hopped right onto the Buffalo's back and gone for a death ride if we would have let her. That child has no fear (other than public toilets, but who can blame her on that one). Both Jeff and I kept asking ourselves why we never went while we lived there during school.

Oh, and on the return trip, we stopped in at Dou Dou bear Headquarters or Boyds Bears which ever you prefer. Needless to say, Lena's head was spinning. But, talk about a rip off. Forty bucks for a bear? Paaaleez. A couple of pics and a bear cookie and we were out.

In short, we got rid of our crazies, and had fun doing it...

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