Saturday, October 04, 2008

A Trip To Indiana

Trip I of II to Indiana was to be a part of my dear cousin, Sarah's, temple sealing in the Columbus Ohio Temple and reception in Muncie, Indiana. This trip was long overdue, seeing how I hadn't been to Indiana since...hmm let's see, since the previous summer. Wow, I should visit more often, huh, family? Well, I was glad and giddy to go see the ones I love most. Plus, I got to visit my dear dear old friend from high school, Nancy Leavitt, formally Nancy Reese. Her husband is beginning his long journey of medical school at Ohio State. She and I met at her apartment and took the kids (we have kids!!!!) to the Columbus Zoo. Which, by the way is freakin' awesome. She is seriously lucky to live near such a mecca of a zoo. It was about a trillion degrees, but we had a load of fun strollin our kids around. It was just like old times, I was instantly reminded why we were such good friends in high school. Her little boy Mckade is adorable, go ahead, have a looksie. Then, she took my two sweatball children while I attended Sarah's sealing. Which was also so very great. I love going to sealings, even though I don't get to very often. Since this trip was sans Jeff, I was really missing him at this point. I was very overjoyed for them.
After Ohio, my mom, Robb, and the kids and I headed on to my sisters house! My brother, Ryan, was staying at her house at the time, so the party was on. We all carpooled to the reception together, and met up with dad and Lisa for a quick dinner reunion. I had such a great time hanging out with them, as once again, the visit was too short...

but, don't take my word for it, see for yourself

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