Wednesday, October 01, 2008

July 28th? Really?

My laundry and this blog seem to have a lot in common.

My, my, my, you've missed a lot:

A trip to Virginia
A safari adventure
A trip to Indiana
A Wedding
A birth

Also missed:
One of us learned how to use the potty
One of us sprouted two teeth
One of us is a crawling/standing/feed me real fooding maniac

...and far too many in-betweens.

We've switched into survival mode over here. But, I happily inform you that it is my sincere desire to keep our heads above water until we've caught you up on every last adventure and mishap to date. That is unless you have given up hope after seeing the "Blogspotting Juje" title for the umpteenth time. Stick with me. This is happening.


Kimberley said...

Yes kellie- I thought my internet had a glitch when I kept seeing "Blogspotting Juje" I actually stopped checking- and by some coincidence checked today! SOuds like you've been up to some fun!

Hoesli's said...

It's about time my sist!!

Beach Hendersons said...

I was just thinking of you today. I was "maybe she started up some new blog" made it private and I don't know about it, glad to see that's not the case...potty trained and have been busy!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! welcome back Kelly! I've missed reading your blogs...don't forget the pictys!

Love mom

Brandi said...

Yeah!! More Vaisey family moments!! I had been going through withdrawals!! :D I hope I still recognize the kiddoes in the next set of pictures! :P

Glad you're back!!! :)

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