Saturday, March 08, 2008

Snow Snow Go Away

...and don't come back! {Bleh}

At least one person is enjoying all of this torturous snow.
I'm very ready to see the snow go away for the season. It is enough already for crying out loud, honestly.

Lena is pictured here with her mini snow man complete with Jelly Belly eyes which is why her mouth is wide open ready to chomp them (another BJs bulk purchase)


Anonymous said...

Cute snowman! :-) I'm ready for the snow to be gone too! Can't wait to see you all in a couple weeks!

Love mom

Lauren Soffe said...

It looks like Lena loves the snow! Don't worry it's only like 75 & sunny over here. so sorry. see you soon!

Hoesli said...

Is Lena playing in the snow at night?? Can't wait to see you guys!! Two more days!

Jenn said...

oh how cute is she?!! i haven't seen snow in a long time! Sendin warm vibes your way!

Kimberley said...

I think that is the littlest snow man I have ever seen! So cute though!

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