Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Dog Dog Na Na

Before Lena was born I was determined as a mother to try to use the best of what mother nature has to offer. Including using natural fibers for her clothes, cloth diapers, essentials oils for diaper changes and bath time. One of the things I tried to be very careful about was sugar. When she first started eating solids, I bought one of those food processors so I could give her the best most natural kinds of foods available. Chopped up fruits and veggies, etc. etc. blah blah blah. I vowed never to give her too much of anything, mostly refined sugar and the like. This was fine and dandy and lasted for her first year of life and nearly half of the second, until she met dog dog na na. Love first struck while Lena was accompanying her father to the grocery store (a thing that happens a lot around here because I hate the grocery store) She loves loves loves anything to do with dogs, so as they passed the isle that contained the junky treats, there they were...Scooby Doo fruits snacks. Oh beloved Scooby fruit snacks (a.k.a. dog dog na na). Jeff came home with a box, and ever since they have become a worshiped treasure in this house. So much so that recently we had to switch out to dog dog bones (Scooby snack graham crackers shaped like mini dog bones). I felt much better about dog bones than the fluff that is the fruit snack. Especially at the rate she was wolfing them down.
We were on a roll and Lena was attending regular sessions at Dog Dog Na Na's anonymous until our recent trip to BJs where a box of 40ct fruit snacks was strategically placed in our cart. Dog dog na na in BULK! So for 39 more bags, we will indulge her temporary happiness.


Brandi said...

Oh Fruit Snacks!! :) My kids call them Fruities and I have to divide up the box amongst the kids as soon as I bring them into the house, otherwise it's a non stop whining session of "He got more than I did!" and "She ate half the box!" Oh the joy you have to look forward too!!

But just think, if you teach her some household chores then when you need a little extra help around the house all you have to do is feed her a few bags and then point her in the direction of that chore!! Just think of all the energy she'll have!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Dog dog nana, that's my Lena! Hi Brandi above! :-) So the nana drawer is gone, huh? Where do you keep the dogdog nana? :-)

love mom

Jenn said...

aww how cute! you are so much better than I am! Although we do like brandi suggested...if James wants a pack of fruit snacks he has to clean up something, or make his bed etc etc. Fortunatley the boy really doesn't like junk food and always reaches for an apple or banana! Dunno how I got so lucky! But it is def. nice to have him pick up after himself and in return all I have to give him is a small little bag full of sugar! She sure is a cutie!

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