Sunday, March 02, 2008

Silly Sammy Slick Sipped Six Sodas and got Sick, Sick, Sick

Day 1. Pitiful.
Fluids, Tylenol, and plenty of Dora. I mean plenty of fluids.
Lala also is along for the ride down recovery road. (loving the sweet leen hands in the pocks)
Poor Schmeeb wasn't feeling her million-mile-a-minute self most of this past week. I slowly realized after having to wake her up for our 9 am church on Sunday, her quiet nature during Sacrament meeting, another traumatizing week in nursery (let's just say it's not going as well as before), and her astonishing 4 hour nap after church that she miiiight be coming down with something. Sure enough she had a fever of 102 by Sunday evening and spent the night in our bed! With a few lukewarm milk baths, a dose or two of Tylenol, and some Dora on the couch in her jammies, she made a slow but comforting recovery throughout the week. I hated seeing her sick and miserable, but I have to admit, I loved how very sweet and extremely cuddly she was.

Now, I am happy to report she is back to her usual shenanigans.
(see below for her usual shenanigans face)


Anonymous said...

I used to hate it when you kids got sick, but yes, you were needy and cuddly..:-) and it was much more quiet! :-) I'm glad she's feeling better!
Mom (Gramma Tina)

Beach Hendersons said...

Oh, my heart goes out to poor little lena..nothing some tylenol and dora can't fix. I do love how needy they get. Unfortunately for us, Lukas is so well trained to sleep in his crib that when he's sick and needs to be cuddled, we try to bring him to bed w/us and turn out the lights, he gets up and starts crawling all over us to see if we're asleep or awake. So when he's sick, it usually means a full nights sleep either in a rocking chair or on a blanket next to his crib. The things we do!

Jennifer said...

boy it must be a cousin thing! james was sick and now sophie is too. =( audra's kids had it too and I was just talkin to Sus and her's are the same way! Maybe you just sent it to us from the east coast! Glad that she is better! Love that shenanigans face! loL!

Brandi said...

She looks like she's feeling better! Poor little thing, it's always rough when they are sick. Although I think it was harder on me than it ever was on my kiddies! I always felt so helpless. And then there was the dread of where they would throw up next... :o It's SO nice now that they are old enough to actually make it into the bathroom!! :D

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