Monday, January 14, 2008

Thanksgiving O Seven Style

Next on the list of neglect is Thanksgiving.

We spent Thanksgiving with my family again at my mom's house in New Jersey. We knew we wouldn't be traveling for Christmas, so we thought it would be perfect time to do so. (Although given the current circumstances, and had we known this baby wasn't even thinking about being born ANYWHERE near Christmas, I guess we could have gone ahead and traveled then too, Grrrrrr again)
It was another lovely day spent eating delicious traditional Thanksgiving foods, and far too many delicious traditional holiday desserts. Since we fought the Black Friday crowd in the city the day after Thanksgiving last year, we decided this year to skip the downtown NY madness and stick to the touristy visit to the Statue of Liberty instead.

I miss you my family, and as always it was so splendid to see you all:)

Lena winces as she has her Thanksgiving leftovers wiped off of her face

Shannon and Shane at the big din

Ryan and Stone

Me and my favorite sister

My mom and her grand kids. She beams around them. Who can blame her, they are a cute bunch.

Lena took in the sites on the way to the statue and Ellis Island

Fam shot at the Statue of Liberty

Hey everyone, maybe next year we'll host Thanksgiving! Maybe?


Hoesli said...

That is the best picture of Stone and Ryan!!

Anonymous said...

It is a good picture! I love them all!

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