Monday, January 14, 2008

Smell My Feet

Well, since this stubborn baby has decided to be a no-show for now (Grrrrrrrr), I figured I might as well craft up some much needed updates for you trusty readers out there, if you're out there. Beginning all the way once upon a time ago back in October, with Halloween.

Lena was a fairy complete with wings and headband. We added tights and a sweater to her ensemble due the chilliness of the evening.

We walked her around Juje's neighborhood, and it only took a house or two before she really grasped the concept of the whole trick-or-treating thing. Needless to say, I think this holiday was a big hit with this toddler. Lots of attention and candy. Behold:

Lena signing candy, or "na na" as she calls it, before we hit the streetsLena accidentally shares her beloved chocolate with Juje's dogs
I think we had as much fun taking her as she did collecting sweets. I wanted to gobble up that little teensy fairy.

I call this one: Loot Guarding. Very serious business.

A snip-it highlighting the evening's events. Good Stuff.

The night ended with a later-than-usual bedtime, to unwind from the sugar rush, and a good hard tooth-brushing.


Anonymous said...

Well,that's the cutest fairy I've ever seen.....:-)

Anonymous said...

the loot guarding pic is adorable! I miss that little stink!


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