Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Snow Day

One more agonizing day of pregnancy= one more day of blog updates. I might as well seeing how I don't think I have managed to leave this house in 3 days, and that's no exaggeration folks!

This sweet little event happened back in the beginning of December sometime when we had TONS and TONS of snow. It felt like it just kept coming and coming. I don't think it even snowed once in Richmond last winter, and if it did, it melted as soon as it touched ground.

So, we thought we'd seize the moment and bundle Leensters all up in her winter gear to head out and experience first hand what winter is like here in Rochester. I was the camera man capturing warmly through the window as Jeff showed Lena the ropes of the snowy weather. It was the sweetest daddy daughter moment ever. They ran in it, laughed in it, laid in it, jumped in it, and even ate it. Go ahead, see for yourself...



THE LEAVITT's said...

Looks like fun. It's always nice when you can enjoy the snow.

Anonymous said...

The baby was born the day you posted this blog!!! Updates needed! :-)
Love mom

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