Wednesday, November 14, 2007

SVU Homecoming 2007

The next event I shamefully neglected to share was the annual homecoming weekend at good 'ol Southern Virginia University. For those of you who may not be aware, this teeny little university in Buena Vista, Virginia is where Jeff and I met and fell deeply in lust (then eventually that turned into love, marriage, and a baby in a baby carriage). It is also where Jeff received his undergraduate degree and played four years of soccer. Which brings us to one of the main reasons we make the trek down every year, the SVU Alumni soccer game. Every year there seems to be quite a turnout. I know Jeff enjoys seeing all of his buddies, and as everyone is getting married and having kids, it gets more interesting each year. Lena had lots of fun running around campus, and everyone was so helpful chasing her and making her laugh. She even became acquainted with a few potential future college buddies.

Some highlights for your eyes to look at:

The group shot.
Someone did something. I usually miss what because I'm too busy talking.Lena gives the team a pep talk.Lena and her bestest, Burke.Old team, old coach. Makes sense.Apparently they have real-live mascots now.Lena and Karla & Ryan's cutie pie, Lukas. He's probably safe to be a little skeptic.Leensters and Steve. So good with the kiddies I think he should have a few of his own one day.I'm not sure why I put this sea-cow picture in here (see below middle). I guess you had to see the bell sometime. Lauren and Lou pictured here with yours truly.Beautiful Lauren and her friend Baby Leen. (who, with the help of Burke will make cute funny people one day).The lovable Johnson & Johnson and Jordy.Mike, Nico (who flew all the way from Argentina for this year's shenanigans), and Ben sans wife and kiddies.
So here's to townies, knights on horses, and good times with old friends. Till next year everyone. Or is it three years from now?

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Beach Hendersons said...

Oh Lukas made it to the Whoopsy Vaisey exciting. I will have to say, I love this's the classic SKEPTIC look if i'ver ever seen one! It was good to see ya'll that weekend. Hope the pregnancy is going good.

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