Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's Like This

Today I prepared a snack for my children that consisted of carrots and hummus and milk.
Then I went to the living room and ate 3 rice crispy treats and a diet coke.

When we were at the Christmas tree lot, no matter how I begged and pleaded, Lena insisted on a short fat crooked one and cried until it was tied onto the roof of the car.
I sulked like a 5 year old.

Even though I know Jeff usually goes to bed much later than I do because he stays up to finish work I lay in bed most mornings at 6:30 pretending I don't hear Calvin down the hallway crying.
It always worked until now.

At least three times last week I didn't get dressed until after Lena got on the school bus at 11:50.

At least three times last week I napped instead of folding mountains of laundry.

At least three times last week I went unshowered.

For the first time in our married life, I was all ready to send out Christmas cards this year.
I picked layouts and designed them online then when I came back to the computer hours later, the designs were lost so I gave up and decided not to send Christmas cards this year.

When my in-laws have plans, I would rather stay home than try to find someone to watch my children for most any sort of event.

On any given day I am excited, overwhelmed, exhausted, glad, mad, energized, unfriendly, very enjoyable company, asleep or up till 2 am. It's a grab bag of emotions and actions and I'm always surprised to wake up and see who I will be that day.

Sometimes I forget I am 15 weeks pregnant and then I'm reminded when I yell at someone for something like a pillow on the ground and/or fall asleep at 8p.m.

Then there was a certain day I was home alone with Calvin and gave him and bath and suddenly I found myself soaking wet kneeing on tile floor and discovered he is more than just a pretty head of red hair. And I was entranced by his roundy cheeks and funny faces, bucky teeth and wet curls. I was caught in a moment with my third born I had hope for the future. Another one of these?! 
Children are the best!

Then he got mad and slipped and then tried to climb out of the bathtub and I was snapped back to reality and suddenly found myself very hungry and annoyed at all the messes around me. I tripped over a toy left at the top of the stairs and thought about the movie Ghost Dad where he actually died from that very thing. I found three pairs of dirty undies in Lena's closet and an opened box of frosted mini wheats on her bed. I wondered then, to myself, if I should make her sleep in shredded wheat.
Children are also the worst
and I probably won't shower today.

Yeah, it's like that.


Grammatina said...

you will miss these precious days...I know I do....:-)

chelsey meyer said...

OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!!!! PREGNANT?! hoooooraaaay. i knew those "you're baby makes me want a baby" comments would eventually lead to something. HOW exciting!!! everyone is pregnant right now!

Lauren Soffe said...

I think it's official... we're best friends. Or at least you're now my best friend. You don't have to claim me. I need to be this honest. Give me the courage.

Andi said...

i hear you, i feel the same way, and all the same stuff drives me crazy...except i'm not pregnant...not sure what that says about me. kids really are the best AND the worst.

Jordan said...

This was the best.

Rebekah V. said...

perhaps one of your best posts ever my dear.

robin said...

yes yes and yes. i have been thinking about this post all day (i know, obsessive. and NERD.) but i swear, you are inside my head.

and i'm with rebekah, one of your best posts!

and that calvin! how can you handle it? i need to squeeze him.

Haley said...

Oh how we all can relate!! Love it. AND congratulations on #4!!!!

Julie V. said...

How lucky am I to be your MIL? Life is good...thank you, Kelly Diane! Love you more than you know!!! xoxoxo

communikate. said...

Man. You're Calvin is cute.

And I totally just laughed out loud (never LOL) at the ghost dad comment. :)

Rachey said...

I think about the movie where Bill Cosby dies because of the toy on the stairs often. And because of it, our stairs are the only perpetually clean spot in the house.

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