Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It Figures

Last Saturday, for no particular reason, we got a late start. 
Jeff spent a few hours at the office with Lena attending to some business matters while the baby napped and Simon played Star Wars Legos and when he got home we just couldn't get moving and get productive. So, naturally, we went to BabaJuje's. But she had plans (rude!) So we raided her fridge and on the way home we decided to let the children burn off the leftover steam (from a mostly lounging television day) at the park in Perinton. And besides the point, it was that time of day, witching hour. The time when the parents are spent and the children have that certain look in their eyes. Those little stinkers were feisty on Saturday. We pulled into the parking lot of the park and looked over at each other and realized we both wore the same look upon our faces: 

"ugh...the park...too tired...to do the park...ugh". 

But we drug our bods out of the car and the children headed for the hills (because the playground was on a hill). 
I think I am noticing a theme to my life. When I really don't want to do something, but make the effort out of selflessness (would you believe sometimes I am selfish!?), it almost certainly turns out to be a great experience.
Case and point: the park on Saturday.
Let me correct that...the park WITH SAND (those are the worst kind) on Saturday.
But you already know what I'm going to say next before I even say it (have you been here before?), we had a nice family Saturday ending to a blah day at the park with sand on the hill. 
Go figure. 
sand messages for Gramps' 80th. Turns out he's 79. Minor details, minor details.
Oh, and I took some pictures. Go figure.


grammatina said...

Simon looks so proud of himself filling Lena's shoe with sand..lol

communikate. said...

you and your cute stripes.

minor details is right. you're just planning ahead for his birthday next year. go you.

Amanda said...

Even I was proud of Grandpa for his monumental birthday. Now I just feel foolish. And yes, I have been to that playground. Who puts sand in a playground?!? Gross.

kelly said...

i know, all his cards said 80 on them. how depressing

robin said...

you and i live parallel lives. i swear, you described our every saturday.

and i am so glad i'm not the only one who dislikes going to the park. ugh ugh ugh.

(sorry about making this comment all about ME ME ME!)

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