Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Sticks and Stones Will Break His Bones

and so will falling off a swing set.
On Friday, Simon "fell"(got pushed to his doom is the story of the hour and the perp is 3 and only 2 feet tall with a voice the size of a mouse. a girl mouse) off the top of a neighbor's play fort.

Lena hurried home to tell(yell) me the news before Simon was brought to me and she is so awesome at playing up the drama that I was expecting to see bones sticking out of skin.

I heard his wailing right away and soon he was in sight and on the front porch. There were buckets of upset tears, but he could still move it and open his hand (isn't no movement the true sign of breakage? I'm clueless about these sorts of injuries aparently). He calmed quickly to a movie and snacks and a bag of frozen peas. Probably a scary fall and a sprain is what we thought.

And so, being the awesome parents that we are, we let him have a broken arm all weekend before we finally took him in for an x-ray on Monday after noticing the swelling wasn't going down and that he had morphed into Mr. Roboto.
Funny but sad.
The verdict? Broken in two places.
Jeff covered x-ray duty and I was on cast appointment. I'm glad I got to take him in alone to have the cast put on. He was brave and if it hurt, his face and spirit bore no evidence.

It was an enjoyable encounter with my middlest son there at the urgent care.

And the upside? His arm is Darth Vader's light saber for the next 6 weeks.
Probably our next mother/son outing won't involve broken bones being casted.
But if it does, I've got it covered.
So next time you see Simon, grab your sharpie and find a special spot on the miniature red cast-saber.
This one's going down in the books.


Donsher said...

I am a more awesome parent than you! I made my daughter walk around on her foot for a week before taking her in for xrays..12 breaks! Yup, I am Truly Awesome;{{{

Wende said...

Poor Simon! But cool that he has light saber arm...

robin said...

i gasped when i read this! it's an inevitable part of being a parent, but man, i'm not looking forward to it.

poor simon! i wish we could sign his cast...

grammatina said...

Grammatina loves you Simon! I'm so sorry you got hurt!

Rebekah V. said...

you want me to take care of that pushy mouse? I know a guy.

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