Monday, August 15, 2011

For One, It Means Great Pictures of The Children

Our favorite photographer friends, Jaron and his sweetheart Angelina(aka: Angel, aka: the sweetest human being on planet really, and she has a New Zealand accent so, win win basically)were here for the past four days and we had fun showing them how crazy life is with three littles. It's crazy. Really crazy.
And now they know.
They were in our region of the country so they drove to Rochester and did all the corporate head shots for Jeff's firm for all of 2 hours and the rest of the time they were hanging out with us and chasing our children and neighbor children-Emily, don't be alarmed at the sight of some random man playing with your children, that's just Jaron;) And they took beautiful photos of it all.
Why can't every day be captured by photographer friends who are as excellent with their cameras as they are with children? Why?
More to come, some involving wildlife and nature and the lake and crazy children(always crazy children).

I wonder if I had Esq. draft up a decent looking proposal(complete with fine print?) to have them come live in the "play room" and document our lives everyday for food and good company(that company being me and Jeff of course)if they would go for it?
It's as if Jaron's eyes are saying he's already had the exact same idea.


ESOdhiambo said...

Not to mention sweet trampoline skills! That chicken picture is my new favorite.

robin said...

such great pictures! i especially love calvin and his hair in that one picture...

kelly said...

seriously it was like camp jaron over here.
calvin is such a show stealer gah.

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