Friday, June 17, 2011

We're Practically Swedes

You know, because of all the time we spend outside.
A Backyard Day in June-

love where you live and live in your swim suit days
the baby's head smells like sunscreen days
"Turn off the hose!" twelve times a day days
eat, pee, run, cry, walk and play outside days
bug bites,
swim at the in-laws,
play at the neighbor's days
anticipate July 1st when the cousins come but being careful not to wish away June days,
because June days...

are pretty damn good
if my french does say so itself.


abby said...

ooh you have me all summery feeling. nice. i want to come over to your house. and your swede reference- did we read the same design mom post?- made me laugh.

kelly said...

ha- why yes, abby i believe we did. I'm trying to live by swedes code. the kids are happier when they are outside, and i am happier...when they are outside too!

communikate. said...

ha! i agree with abby too! i was thinking of the design mom post as well!

looks like a great way to celebrate summer!

Meredith said...

Hey there, just poped over from Karla's blog once and loved your writing and perspective. I'm back again but didn't want to withold a nice thought.

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