Monday, June 20, 2011

I Want To Share My Life With Them: Father's Day 2011

For Father's Day this year I made sure to nag extra loud and long to get my family to church on time.

I did not bother to make the father of the house breakfast nor did I bother to have the children present him with handmade treasures, or treasures at all for that matter. Usually, most of the sometimes, I bother.

The father of the house was put on baby duty right after his eldest sang "Families Can Be Together Forever" with her fellow short primary friends.

A trip home to change promptly following sacrament meeting was required by the father of the house due to an incident involving baby duty and complimentary Father's Day chocolates.

Upon immediate arrival home from church I made my family pose for 100,000 self timed family photos on the front porch in their Sunday best. A Father's Day tradition. The father was a good sport, but I could tell he was oh so very tired (a cocktail of very late night work and Sunday baby duty is bound to do that to a father).

"Just one (hundred) more!"

When the backdoor swung open wide my bad mood struck (lightning!) at the sight of the weekend destruction I saw before me. I almost bawled in defeat. On the day of father's no less.

The father of the house did dishes, tidied up every room in the house including the room where toys go to die, folded laundry (before you go giving him too much credit know it's a beautiful rarity) took out the trash and consoled his irrational, profanity-yelling wife in true father-like fashion.

And if you ask me, I think he has finally arrived.

Just think, before you know it, he won't even be getting any Christmas gifts (because seriously more than one year none of us got my dad anything and when you're a dad, you're almost always ok with this).

And I had the best Father's Day ever.
Father's Day 2011

I like to think his day didn't turn out half bad either.


robin said...

you described father's day perfectly.

i am loving your new blog look! and you are beautiful and your legs are hot. and i cannot get over the adorableness of calvin's red hair.

abby said...

your family should be in a magazine. end of story.

kelly said...

robin thanks for saying i have hot legs. everyone must have one thing, right? you're the best friend i've never met.
and abby, no. yours should. end of story.

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