Tuesday, May 03, 2011

12 Months

My my, look how you've grown!
This month was the most challenging month to capture.
Baby is fast.
Baby is cute.

check out one whopping year's worth of growth here.


abby said...

that red hair keeps getting better and better.

happy birthday cal-bin!

communikate. said...

genius! i love this idea.

Lauren Elizabeth Stanford said...

First of all... I LOVE the unique way you have posted your pics, the colors, and even the white captions on there! Second. Where did you get that big calender? I would LOVE to have one/make one...

Wahzat Gayle said...

I may not comment everytime but every month that I pop over here to see how much he has grown... this is the best way to record his development ever... you are genius! And Happy Birthday to him!

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