Friday, April 08, 2011

Mr. Marbles?

In between Ryan's back breaking labor we (too easily?) find ways to entertain ourselves.

Every child has one creepy/weird toy probably given to them by some distant relative, I know I did (can you say...porcelain doll that sat high on my shelf? chills.)
I give you ours,
Little Bear

Or what is supposed to be Little Bear. Because he certainly isn't the Little Bear (or known as dou dou in our house) we know and love.

I mean if you're going to manufacture a cute and cuddly beloved character like Little Bear maybe try it out on a test group of preschoolers first. You know, to be sure it doesn't make children afraid to fall asleep with it in their rooms at night.
Because nightmares are so un-Little Bear like.

At least they nailed his voice.


robin said...

creepy. that bear made me do the "yikes" face.

kelly said...


abby said...

i'm cracking up over the mr. marbles reference. well cracking up and i have the chills too.

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