Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We Have This Fake Cockroach

Lena brought him home from who knows where and we sharpied him black from his previous fluorescent green shell and we use him to play tricks on people.
Tonight's unsuspecting victim is Esq.
And when you're four, this kind of excitement is almost too much to bear.
He'll probably sleep there 3 nights before he even notices the little bugger.
Poor over worked over tired Esq.
But how seriously gross if he were the real deal?
Real gross.
But also real funny. Remember how Esq. feels about small things that scurry?
That's entertainment right there my friends.
And that's my life.


Donsher said...

That's so mean! I LOVE it!

Katy said...

Can't wait to hear how it turns out! I love reading your blog, too cute =]

Lauren Soffe said...

Ooohh, I know the feeling. My aunt lived with us when I was little and my dad and I conjured up a Halloween doosie and hide a blow up skeleton in her bed. I can still hear her lovely scream... and the giggles that commenced. Can't wait until Mack and I can scare the daylights out of you know who.

robin said...

i would die. we have the REAL thing down here in the swamps and they are the grossest things i have ever seen.

so mean! (but i would do it.)

kate said...

i would die.

kelly said...

maybe there is something wrong with me that it being mean never ever crossed my mind. I was just thinking really really funny for me and Lena!
and robin- that IS gross. the grossest.

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