Friday, January 29, 2010

There's a Mouse About the House

The Scene last night:
It's 2 a.m. and I am fast asleep, warm in my bed beside my sick miserable 2 year old.

Suddenly I hear, "kelly.... hey, kelly...Kelly!"

I awake to find Jeff standing in our dark room in a tee shirt and sweat pants (the baggy kind cinched at the ankle), tousled hair, tennis shoes on, holding a swifter and meaning business.

"What is going on?," I ask him in a sleepy stupor.

He says (with a face full of serious), "I think...there's a the kitchen!"

With this information presented before me and him standing there armed with shoes and a swifter I died laughing. I sat at the edge of the bed trying to figure out if he was seriously waking me up to investigate, in the middle of the night, a teeny tiny mouse that may or may not be nibbling on something in the kitchen.

Turns out, he was.

We headed to the kitchen to get to the bottom it, he stopping at the doorway, silently we listened. Sure enough, sounded like nibbling.

I opened the cabinet under the sink and see it.
All, light grey, 2 meesley inches of it.

Gross? Yes (who wants to be the people that have a mouse in their kitchen? I swear it's clean- remember?, I scrubbed it yesterday!).
Scary? Pshhhhh!

We headed to the basement for a trap, I peanut-buttered it up and placed it beside the trash can under the sink. Then I scratched myself, burped, escorted the little lady back to the living room by the hand to finish his late night work and I headed back to bed.

As I lay my head on my pillow I thought about the image.
The image of my scared husband standing there over my bedside in the middle of the night and how it will forever be a comfort of hilarity to me.

He needs me. If I wasn't before, now I'm sure of it.


Carolyn said...

you are a great story teller :)

I love when men show their pansy sides. I am so glad you added the detail about his tapered sweatpants (It makes the imagery that much more amaze-balls) ...that and the fact that you are pregnant ;)

Nisha said...

I thought for sure there'd be a picture?!?!

Amy said...

Love it. He does need you.

Anna said...

Sorry Jeff...that's just funny.

henderson said...

Hilarious! (Not the mouse--I HATE mice).

Amanda said...

What a pansy! Just kidding, I'm sure Jeff is a manly man in his own right.

I grew up with pet rats, and still little mice make me squeamish. And even clean homes/people get mice in their kitchen. Or at least that's what I'll keep telling myself since we had two that we killed via trap about 6 months ago. Bleh.

Rebekah V. said...

That he was armed with the swiffer is the real kicker. I found steve standing on a chair in the middle of our kitchen because of a mouse. What is it with the sissy streak in the family?

Babajuje said...

It comes from their father's side of the family. I love mice. And snakes.

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