Friday, February 18, 2011

The Most Water Exposure The Red Head Will See Without Sunblock

The week Jeff was home we figured it was good a time as any to visit the Great Wolf Lodge to see what all the fuss was about. Because we've heard some fuss.

So we packed swimsuits and swim diapers and all the other necessary items for travel such as Swedish Fish and drove the under two hours to Niagara Falls, Canada. We made it through to the Canadian border despite the fact that nether of us had thought to get money out for tolls (we scrounged) or cash at all for that matter. We're plastic people and I don't mean surgery-crazed Hollywood floozies.

We stayed two nights and to make a long story short and sweet- we had a good time. I fell deathly (dramatic) ill on day two so I had to slept it off while Jeff tore it up with Lena and Simon. It was one of those mysterious sicknesses where you feel like death then a mere 15 hours later you're ready to party. I could have done without the nausea, but if that's the only way I'm getting sleep I'll take it with a fluffy pillow.

Most of the pictures I took had bad lighting. But, for those of you curious- here's what the place looked like. And if you go at an off peak time and embrace the fact that you're swimming indoors with a plethora of people, you just may have a great the Great Lodge.

One particular night in the children's bunks we spent a good hour before bedtime recreating harry potter puppet pals.
Simon laughs extra hard at the Dumbledore part. They can't get enough.
I pick this hour as the best hour of the trip:)

The Water:

Then we pulled on our boots and after check out we check ourselves into IKEA before heading back to the United States of America.

We'll be back next year with Bop Bop and Babajuje and an older set of children;)
- our same children, just older versions of them.
Rochester winter be d-ed.


Henderson said...

Ooo! Looks like fun. We are thinking of going there next month for "spring break." Did you think there was enough for the kids to do? I have been worried that Lucas would be to young for most of the slides...thoughts?

Rebekah V. said...

I love the last picture of cutie wet calvin. How do you walk around with just a bathing suit on you brazen plastic floozy? No, seriously you look good. perhaps we will be by your side next time.

Nisha @ Healthy Mom's Kitchen said...

That red headed baby is way too cute! Looks like a fabulous vaca.

kelly said...

it twas it twas

Julie@HapaLAB said...

I need that porcelain baby skin Calvin! Creamy pure butter....

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