Friday, February 25, 2011

Like Blogging And Chewing Gum

Things have been smooth sailing around these parts this past week and I have been tearing pictures off the wall and re arranging furniture. The children have been gratefully receiving three square meals a day and the baby has had all his naps on time. And don't get me started on the kitchen floor- it's.....clean. whew.

Blogging has been the neglected chore of the past week- the proverbial dirty cloth diapers on the basement floor if you will. (but you don't have to if you don't want to)

Do you feel like you've read this post on a 100 different blogs?
Blog stalling and reasons for absence sounding familiar?
I've read (and posted) it all before

And since the weather is the most (un)interesting thing I can come up with I will say it has been 50 and 19 this past week. I have seen grass and my current least favorite- white out. I don't care what they say, February is the longest month of the year and I have bored children and a clean house to prove it.

And because that's the best I've got, here are some random images you've missed:

and my personal faves:

I'm not going back out there till it stops snowing sideways
and I'll be back here when my brain thaws.

but if you told me you missed me I might change my mind;)


Amanda said...

When Eleanor learns how to really play with toys, she will only be allowed to play with 20 dolla' bills. Nothing less for my little lady. That's just to one-up ya.

I'm so sick of this winter. BRING ON SPRING!!!!!

Donsher said...

Glad you are back(to posting).I was going to log on and beg for a post when I discovered you already had! My daughter and I both look forward to your unique(in a good way!)posts! Keep'em coming!

Julie@HapaLAB said...

miss you...miss you!

abby said...

i've missed you!

i can relate to your dealio, except i'm ignoring children AND blogging. right now my kids have the door open to the blizzard outside and are squirting the kitties with a water gun. all in a day's work!

robin said...

i've missed you too! just like a good blogging friend should.

i LOVE your pictures. my favorite is the one of the backs of your kids lying on the floor. calvin in his jammies with those little legs... i could squish him up. in a good way. oh, he is delicious!

sorry about the winter. seeing the pictures of the snow brings back that familiar feeling of winter. but it will end! it's almost march! and march means spring! (at least on the calendar). when we lived in new york, march 1st meant hope. it may still be 17 degrees outside, but it was march!

robin said...

oh, and at least your blogging absence doesn't have anything to do with an unhealthy addiction to a tv show...

Rebekah V. said...

I don't miss you one tiny bit.

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