Saturday, February 12, 2011

It's Going Swimmingly In Case You Were Wondering

T minus two days left and Sunday doesn't really count.
We just got back from Canada and I will tell you all about that later.

We've been on QT overload if there were such a thing.
Yep- the children fight, and the house gets messier (does that happen when your husband is home all day for several days in a row?) and we're getting on each other's nerves but we've been miserably happy together for the past week.
Jeff and I have spent many a night staying up late discussing our current life situation.
We've concluded that it's stressful and loud and relentless.
But also that it's not forever and that there are endless joys beaming through the muck (as we are living amongst the most hilarious creatures ever born).
We have learned that we need constant reminders of this. And plenty of time to count to 10.
The little ones won't be little forever, and the vacations will one day feel like less work. The every day will be quieter but probably more boring.
Young children really are the most easy to enjoy and the hardest.

But overall I'm happy to report things are good and I think even better than good.
It's been nice to come up for air and have help during the day and I think I've caught just enough breath to get me through the next battle.
Because raising children can accurately be compared to war, right?
If you told me no I wouldn't believe you anyway...


Amanda said...

We've missed you. Not that we see you mid-week anyway. Hope that trip to the Great North went well. And did you hit up the Ikea? That's a vacation in and of itself.

Julie@HapaLAB said...

YES! "Miserably Happy" says it Perfectly. It does fly tho...glad you are embracing the relentless joy of it all.

robin said...

yes. war. big time...

sounds like fun around there. i want a staycation and i want it now!

Rebekah V. said...

I think you have described the familial situation of having young children and a young marriage perfectly. Even if you lose a few battles you WILL win the war!

grammatina said...

I think you and Jeff are doing a wonderful job with your family. These kids are loved, taught, get to go places and see things, spoiled, disciplined and did I say loved? Loved, loved loved.
I am proud of you.

MaryPosa said...

For some weird reason, I honestly thought that everyone else had these great relaxing vacations and I was the only one who felt like vacations were hard work. Enjoyable and full of memories, but work nonetheless.

And yes. My house is a l w a y s more messy when my husband is home. Maybe it's because I (foolishly) assume that since he's around he will jump right in and start helping out, meaning I can slack off... doesn't really work that way for me though. Oh well.

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