Monday, November 01, 2010

We Halloweened

A Star Wars themed Halloween is a right of passage in my book.

Darth Vader, Princess Leia, and an ambiguous baby Jedi (complete with a mini light saber that doubles as a teether).

He played his part well. He wouldn't wear his Darth Vader "helmet" or carry his light saber no matter how much I pleaded and bribed. I like to think Darth Vader wouldn't have listened to his mother either.

We only Trunk or Treated this year.
Does that make us lame?
Sunday was for naps, meals made by my mother-in-law, and passing out candy in her neighborhood safe from the snow and hail in the warm indoors.

Jeff went as a successful attorney and I was a stay-at-home mother of three

Once it's over I desire all things Halloween removed from the premies effective immediately.
Except for the candy, that can stay for a couple of days.


Nisha said...

bahahahaha....there was something funny going on with my screen and it looked like you stuffed your pants so it looked like you had a saggy bum and also looked like you stuffed your shirt. Then I adjusted my screen and saw that you were your cute skinny self ;)

PS How did your baby get so big? He looks way too grown up.

Skout 48 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Skout 48 said...

Can't get over how much Simon looks like Bopbop? That's a super rad Jedi fam you got there... BTW - Trunk or treat is NOT lame, wish the rest of the non-morm world did it too...

robin said...

pretty awesome.

i love your toms. do i need some?

kelly said...

i think you do robin

Rebekah V. said...

I just plain get a kick out of mini red jedi.

do I need some toms too?

(waiting for permission)

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