Friday, October 29, 2010

This is A Story About A Girl Who Loved Frozen Peas

She often asked her mother if she could have them as a snack.

Oh how she enjoyed them, by the bowl full!

In fact she loved them so much, she'd skip the spoon and eat them with her bare hands.

Until one day, tragedy struck causing her to bite her sweet little finger.

Then she was the cutest saddest little girl her mother ever saw.

But soon she was better and back to eating the frozen peas she loved so much.

The end.


robin said...

wow, that is quite the snack! i can't even eat peas. i think they taste like dirt...

abby said...

that is sad but completely darling. i wish my kids loved frozen peas!

p.s. i'm realizing your hair is as long as this freaking long bella wig i wore to a halloween party last night. jealous. but also bella hairs were getting into all the food i was trying to eat. does that happen to you?

HoshiMaru said...

Good pictures, adorable little girl, and such a cute story. Nice. >.<

P.S. If peas are frozen, wouldn't they be hard to eat?

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