Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sung As Bugs In Rugs

and no matter how tired, at night, they seem to come alive.
and eventually sleep will come in this house.
and eventually they won't want one more story
one more drink of water
help saying prayer
or a stashed lala under her pillow
and a midnight visit from him
or a midnight feeding from the other him

One day I will ache for these moments
even if my back is aching from them now.


robin said...

that's the good stuff.

Henderson said...

I love the "all squeezed into a toddler bed" morning (or night?) just makes for silliness and giggles. Cute photos!

Amy said...

Looks like a good time at the Vaisey house.

Joanna said...

Those should be printed big and hung on your wall. I love them all!

Kera said...


Hoesli's said...

So cute!! Why can't we live closer?

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