Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Aye's Have It

taking this picture almost broke my wrist off because the camera body plus flash minus wrist bone girth equals pain.

Dearest Aunt Bekah,

Did you know that we love the Beco Butterfly 2 a lot? Even though my Vaisey genetic makeup says my cheeks have to grow at an unprecedented rate, my mother is able to carry me around the house and other necessary places easy peasy. And even if you're not that in to other people's babies(OPB)- you still have to admit I am quite irresistible peering out the side of it clinging onto my mother with tight baby fists while rocking a lala. Baby fists!
Anyway, thanks for buying this for you and Oller then deciding to give it to me after one use. You are the best afterthought gift giver a nephew could ask for.

Sincerely Yours,
C. Robert Vaisey

P.S. who thinks babies talking with dubbed man voices are gross say aye.


Sarah, Steve, and Dalia said...

I think Lena needs the Beco Mini for Christmas!!

Rebekah V. said...

Um. I have to say nay on this one. I actually love C. Robert Vaisey of the quorum of the whatever. Especially his fisties. Oh. I wish we lived closer. You wish it too. You have no idea how many unsuitable for me but suitable for you purchases I make in a single week. You would definitely benefit.

kelly said...

i think you're right sarah

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