Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween Isn't My Favorite Holiday

I usually skimp or skip on the spooky decor and go for a minimalist spread of generic fall stuff.

I am constantly standing in the entryway of a room with my head caulked to one side making sure it's not too cluttered with "things".
I think my nature is to overdo. I love patterns and color, but constantly find myself torn between eclectic & bright and clean & minimal. I don't even know what I would call my home's contents.
Borrowed ideas smattered with affordable/painted Ikea?
That sounds about right.
But that's something I pride myself in- nothing costs much around here.

And so it's that time of year again when I re-think absolutely every room and get the itch to change every last thing.
It's when you can find 3 bins of laundry waiting to be put away, among other waiting household chores while I'm busy painting a frame/table/mirror/dresser or perusing craigslist for my next treasure to makeover.
If Esq. got on board, I'd probably sell everything and start fresh once a year.
Hey, Juje, you want to come help me paint my kitchen? I've got plans for the space and I will bust if I can't paint something.

Who wants to come over and buy some of my stuff?
I willing to bet it's in your price range.

This post started out about fall decor or my lack of and turned into how I want to change everything about my home and its contents.

ya know?!


Beach Hendersons said...

Yes. I want your yellow cabinet. You selling? Free delivery?

teamBoo said...

I have definitely regressed in my spooky decor over the years. October can suck it.

Babajuje said...

Let's roll!

robin said...

what?! halloween is NOT your favorite holiday? say it ain't so! the blog gods may hear!

no, but really, i would live in your house just the way it is and i want to buy your stuff.

and i know what you're saying about nothing being too expensive. i once added up how much i spent on all the furnishings in our house and it was something like $1500 (our mattress making up 4/5th of that total... we splurged on our mattress.)

i like junk.

Amanda said...

I'd help paint, but paint fumes at this point could be potentially hazardous to my health and the babe. When I'm back into the swing of things I'll come and help though. When that will be exactly?!?!? Beats me.

Oh, and I love the wreaths. I need a good fall wreath for our house.

Rebekah V. said...

I don't want to buy your stupid stuff. But I will paint your kitchen. Okay. Actually I do want to buy your stuff but not so much buy it as have you give it to me. I want to come to rochester tomorrow.

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