Monday, September 13, 2010

The Year of School Before Actual School

Lena's first shortened day of preschool was on this fine crisp autumn day.
It was like a whole entire hour long or something.
I feel like first day photos have been popping up everywhere for a while.
I think Rochester is late to the game.

She was pumped and she was ready.
She made me take 2 serious ones and 5 non serious ones.

The boys and I drove aimlessly around until we "ran into our around-the-corner neighbors" (aka drove around looking and found her on a walk with her children)
then we imposed and passed the time inside her home on a new rug full of Duplos.

Her teach is the best money can buy. She used to be mormon too. I'm not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.
Aaand this post has taken me around 3 hours to complete.
Late afternoon mischief is knocking at our door.

don't be fooled

Maybe a full day's preschool will better prepare me for that very special bewitching hour when mischief comes to play.


Nisha said...

Lena look so tall in that outfit! Kinda grown up :(

Amy said...

At least Lena let you take pictures. Jack told me no pictures.

Amanda said...

She's such a ham. I love it. And Simon's new do... very dapper. If you are embarrassed of his hair, be sure to always have him wear Lena's shoes so that people will look down at those. He pulls off Mary Jane's pretty well though.

And look who's getting crafty! Don't think I didn't spot that rocking chair in a new fan-dangled green color. Well done Kelly. And the mums are just so fall-esque. Makes me want to make a pumpkin pie.

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