Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Not That It's All That Interesting But

our Saturday consisted of feeding ducks along the towpath in Fairport.

It took us until 4:00pm to finally get out of the house.
Does it ever take that long to get your Saturdays going?
It's the story of our lives.

The weather was perfect, so we let the kids play at the park for a while, then we made them go on a walk with us down the canal.
The herd of ducks by the rocks was unreal. They came from every which way-out of the woodworks to get a piece of the action.
There was a lady and her husband with a bag of stale bread along side us. They made the mistake of giving each of the children a piece of bread to toss in.

After L & S mooched the entire bag we went on our merrily way.
Then Jeff took the umbrella stroller for a joy ride with both children stacked in.
They went down a gigantic grassy hill and they both went flying out.
After they died in hysterics, we discovered the broken wheel.
Just in case you were wondering what it takes to break the wheel off of a 12 dollar Wal-Mart umbrella stroller- that's what.

My idea of a perfect Saturday is getting to clean the entire house top to bottom, alone, just me and an ipod....but I'm always glad to be talked out of doing so after Saturdays like these.

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Skout 48 said...

Love the photo of you with a napping Calvin in your sweet.

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