Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Some Things & Following Through

Lena's big singing debut was a hit me thinks.
I hate when people say that- me thinks. Me thinks saying me thinks is pretty stupe.

a typical scene

Yesterday morning Simon threw up. But by nightfall he was his old regular I-hate-sleep self again. In celebration, he partied with us till close to 11. Maybe it was something he ate. But then again, I'm the cook, so hopefully it wasn't something he ate.

Currently-Lena is at preschool and both boys are nestled in their beds! So instead of watching another episode of The Office Season 2 (Esq. and I are revisiting, do you ever do that? -revisit your old faves for another go round?) I decided some serious house work was in order instead. Remember what Gordon B. Hinckley said? Have you forgotten already?
I will be so very proud of myself tonight when I can sit and do nothing. Sitting and doing nothing is the best. Watching some mindless T.V. beside my husband. There will most likely be treats too, because, come on.

This post was boring, but I can't think of anything to say to make you laugh- and you know, I have work to do...

1 comment:

robin said...

your kids are definitely moles! good job.

and you are a badger. i am still working on calvin and your husband. unless you feel funny about me staring and staring at a picture of your one and only...

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