Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Its Been About a Week

(Robin, do I look like a badger in this picture?)

I've been negligent in posting for the usual smattering of reasons.
To illustrate such reasons I shall use bullet points for emphasis and because I think I need more organization in my life:
  • Esq. has been hogging the lap top at night (for work stuff!..I know what you're thinking, he's selfish) and since that is usually when my internet perusing/blog updating can commence it's been stalled.
  • My children have been extra high maintenance this past week. Extra high. Extra. High.
  • I'm teaching my oldest son to use the toilet like a civilized human being.
  • My mother dearest paid a surprise visit to our household and I like to take advantage accordingly.
We'll return with some delightful images of fall (for you Carolyn) and some more pictures of our babiest. And our items of business for October. And speaking of delectable fall images, homecoming in Virginia is right around the corner! Right around the freaking corner!


Amanda said...

I seriously hope baby E will make silly faces with me for the camera. Let's face it, Ethan always pulls the same "funniest face ever".

Babajuje said...

I can't decide who is goofier! Hope you had fun with Teen.

p.s. for Coach Bekie...my word was "araterd." Martian potty talk.

teamBoo said...

Then ill be on a bogging freeze too, cleaning vomit out of my keyboard. Your move ;)

robin said...

yes! you do! do you see it, too?

and you are right about baby calvin being an adorable baby orangatang. you are better at the animal game than i am!

and if you post pictures of fall in upstate new york, i will love/hate it. i may cry.

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