Thursday, August 26, 2010

Someone Got A Facelift

or should i say something.
Before(when we moved in '07):

After(when we finally got around to getting rid of the last of the beautiful hunter green to which the previous owners were more than partial to):

That is 18 month old Lena in the door during our inspection in '07.
I had good intentions on planting flowers in the terra cotta pots this year- but you know, cousins. And I have more good intentions to paint the craigslist-find rocking chair- apple/lime green?
The broken screen door probably has to go too.

This tired old house looks fresh and newish.
Now if only it's inhabitants did.


Emz said...

ohhhhhhhh I heart that red door.


Anonymous said...

It does look great.

Amanda said...

Wait, did you paint your whole exterior gray? I thought it was just the shutters? Looks good, but you Vaisey's are always so stylish. Now if only my pinkish/tan house could be painted a real tan color I wouldn't be so self conscious.

abby said...

wow i'm obsessed with your house. i love!

robin said...

you have no idea how much i covet your house. i think i was born to live on the east coast, namely, upstate new york.

your house is SO me! well, it's probably so YOU too, but i'm taking you out of the equation because i want it.

florida is so not me. they don't have cute houses here...

Skout said...

Do the rocking chair! Apple green...ummm..YES!

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