Thursday, August 12, 2010

Some Stop The Presses and Some Cliches

Summer is almost gone and I'm sick over it!

I can't believe the baby is so big! (and so red and so CEEUTE)

Not to mention the Summer of Vaisey is fast approaching its end and I'm certainly not ready to say goodbye(well, would you if you called these crazy dogs family? Surely you would not.)

Here's a little Grandpa-Rex-post-in-the-making-warning* for those of you who prefer your blogs free of a gazillion family pictures that don't mean jack to you.
oh wait, that's this blog's entire genetic makeup.

As my Mother-in-law would say,
she really does say that.


Carolyn said...

i just want to bite his little pursed lips off.

Babajuje said...

Little Jeffy...I want to eat him!

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