Sunday, August 08, 2010

Rex Is In The House!

My dad is in town for a little visit,
So pardon my absence.

Handsome fella at age 21

We are doing things like looking at awesome old photos of us together.
And of him when he was younger than I am now.
That is weird.

me at the tender age of 3ish
2ish (we're guesstimating here, they wern't dated)

We should do this more often, Dad.
Maybe next we should bust out all the old videos of us as kids.
You're getting old.
So am I.
That sucks.


Babajuje said...

Give that man a hammer! What a cute pair! Lena looks just ike you, Belly!

Nisha said...

Photo #2 is the Rex I remember. Hahahaha.

Amanda said...

Is that a baton in your hand? And are those the most amazing leg warmers I've ever seen?!?! The answer is yes. Enjoy your Dad's company and seriously, put him to work. Maybe he can strip that table?!

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